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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Kiddie Klub Lane

(Cross-posted from Slow Down, Gym Shoe)

Place: Kiddie Klub Lane

Type of place: Indoor Make-Believe Play

Location: 1300 S. Main St, Lombard, IL (kitty-corner from the Jewel, in the small plaza east of XSport and Hobby Lobby)

Cost: $8 per child. (Grown ups are free!)

Secret: If you arrange for your playgroup to come here, they offer discounted admission, and they will arrange an art project and a sing-along for your group! Michael will play the guitar and bring out musical instruments for the kids to play along!

Appropriate ages: Toddlers and preschoolers. (Pufferfish, who is almost 3, loves it! Little Bear loves it too, but she's almost 7, and is usually one of the biggest and oldest kids there.)

Pufferfish and I tried out a new place that just opened in Lombard, called Kiddie Klub Lane. We spent the whole day inside yesterday, and the day before that we only went to the library, so I felt like we needed something special to brighten our week! This place, Kiddie Klub Lane, is owned by a couple with four kids of their own. They wanted to create a fun place for toddlers and preschoolers. The little village of playhouse structures (which, by the way, were built by the same company who built the backyard playhouses for Jon And Kate) are the perfect sizes for little munchkins! Pufferfish absolutely loved this place! She didn't want to leave!

The people who own it are really cool, and they are full of plans for their new business, including adding lights to the insides of the playhouses, having art and music days, and running a mom and toddler playgroup. They are open to suggestions, too, so it sort of feels like, if you go there now, you're sort of on the cusp of something great!

I took a few pictures of Pufferfish while we were there. Wanna see? Sure you do!

Me: "Look, Pufferfish, a puppet show!"

Pufferfish: "Where's the remote?"


Pufferfish is off to fight a fire!


Pufferfish loved this huge dalmation! (We dressed him in the firefighter's outfit!)


Pufferfish fixes a meal in the diner!


Pufferfish plays with the cash register at the general store.


Pufferfish takes a ride in her pink cadillac!


This is not a sponsored post in any way... but I really do appreciate a family that has found a way to start their own business doing something they truly enjoy, while also spreading joy to other families! They are living the dream. So make sure you check this place out! (You can see their website here!)


Kari said... [Reply to comment]

Question for you - my son is almost 7 and my twin girls are 4.....we are debating on trying kiddie klub lane or kidstown....we have a 2 for 1 coupon for kiddie klub so i'm leaning that way but kids town looks like it might have more for my 7 yr old to do....if you had to pick which is better when considering a slightly older kid? thanks in advance for your help!

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