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Advertising on this blog is an inexpensive way to reach families all over DuPage County! Here's how it works!
Send me your ad and I'll run it every day, at the bottom of the post on the days that I have new posts, and in its own post on other days. You can choose to run it by the week, or by the month.

Text and link ad... Send me a paragraph of text, and I'll run it along with a link.
One week: $10.00
One month: $25.00

Banner or graphic ad:.. Send me a banner ad and I'll run it, linking it to your website.
One week: $15.00
One month: $35.00

If you need help creating a banner ad, try these free sites:, BannerFans, or FlashBanner Now.

Sponsored Post... Send me some information about your business, and I'll write an entire 200+ word post about it, along with links. You can also specify which keywords you would like used.
One post: $10.00

Full Review... I will visit your place of business (along with the children, if appropriate) and describe my experience there, including photos, links, and lots of descriptions. Click here for an example of a full review. 
Full review: In some cases, I ask that you send passes for the kids and I to come visit! For instance, if you own a restaurant, I'd ask for a gift certificate so that the kids and I can eat there. If you run an entertainment center for kids, I'd ask for free admission for the kids and I. (We may show up on our own, even if you don't invite us... but inviting us will guarantee a review at the time that you ask for it!)

Please email me for more info. Thanks!
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