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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Heavenly Cupcakes In Elmhurst

Place: Heavenly Cupcake Shop
Location:  162 N. York St in Elmhurst, near the corner of York and Palmer in downtown Elmhurst.
Type of Place: Bakery specializing in cupcakes
Secret: Three bakery is pretty small, but if its a nice day out, take your order to go, and sit outside! There are several kid-sized, whimsically painted picnic tables along the street,  and at the north end of the block is a plaza with a large fountain and lots of benches.
Appropriate ages: everyone
Cost: $1.15 - $3.00 per cupcake.

My little sis and her friends visited this place a while ago, and they told me about eating a cola flavored cupcake. A cola flavored cupcake? Being totally addicted to pop, I had to find out more!
It turns out that the Heavenly Cupcake Shop is a little bakery in downtown Elmhurst, where extraordinary cupcakes are made. They bake the cupcakes from scratch each day, and they have so many flavors that they can't possibly make all of them every day! So, depending on what day of the week it is when you go there, you'll get the chance to order cupcakes with flavors like coconut, brownie sundae, rootbeer float, peanut butter and jelly, french toast, margarita, rainbow sherbet, or fluffernutter. They also offer their main flavors every day: chocolate or vanilla with either chocolate or vanilla frosting, red velvet, or York.
Little Bear and Pufferfish and I had a few things to do in Elmhurst, so I thought I'd take them to Heavenly Cupcakes for a treat.
The first sort of cruddy thing is that its nearly impossible to find a convenient parking spot in downtown Elmhurst. They have free parking lots, but this means you have to walk a few blocks after you park. For someone like me who enjoys a good walk, this can be a positive thing. But when you're dragging two little kids along with you, it can be a negative.
The poor, suffering children survived the five minute walk to the cupcake shop. I had planned to sit down inside and eat, but found that the shop was pretty small and cramped. The few tables were all taken. Luckily, Little Bear had the idea to take our cupcakes down the street to the City Centre, where there is a fountain and benches!
I was excited to see that, because it was Friday, the cola flavored cupcakes I'd heard about were offered. I ordered one of those.
Pufferfish and Little Bear then both chose cola flavored cupcakes. They're such copycats!
I thought the cupcakes were absolutely delicious. They didn't exactly taste like cola, but they came as close as one could expect a cupcake to come. They were so moist! The frosting was sweet! And the little swirl of cream on top... to die for! I do not know what that cream was. It wasn't whipped cream. It wasn't buttercream. It reminded me almost of creme brule. Whatever it was, I couldn't get enough of it!
But the kids' opinions were different. They each took one bite of their cupcake, put it down, and wouldn't eat it. They kept promising to eat the cupcakes "later," which I think was because I had made such a big deal about how great the cupcakes were going to be, and they didn't want to hurt my feelings. While they splashed around in the fountain, I kept munching little pieces of their cupcakes, starting, of course, with the cream on the tops. Finally I just asked them, "Are you going to eat these, or should I?" and I got their permission to polish the cupcakes off.
If you have kids who are not-so-adventurous eaters, you may want to steer them towards flavors they'll find more familiar, like regular chocolate or vanilla, or maybe even Peanut Butter Cup, strawberry, or funfetti. You probably shouldn't encourage them to order the french toast flavored cupcakes. i've heard they have bacon bits in them!
Anyway, I will definitely be going back to the Heavenly Cupcake Shop. Whether or not I will bring the kids there again remains to be seen.


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