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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Dog Of The Week: Bermuda!

Hi everyone! Every Saturday I volunteer at Almost Home Foundation, which is an animal rescue organization that springs about-to-be-euthanized dogs from high kill shelters, puts them in temporary foster homes, and matches them with permanent families. On Saturdays, the dogs are brought to Petsmart stores so that people can meet them in person. My volunteer job is to "handle" one of the dogs, introduce him to people, tell them background information on the dog, and hopefully find him a home! Generally I have a different dog each week. I thought that I would start a new feature on this blog, where I will tell yot u about one of the dogs I met who needs a home. Maybe this way I can help a few dogs and families come together!

This week I was in charge of "Bermuda." (The Almost Home people give the dogs pretty random names, but of course new owners can change the names!)

 Bermuda is a tiny little chihuahua (maybe mixed with rat terrier) who is three years old. She's a little shy, probably because she's so small, she's pretty defenseless! Bermuda charmed me right away when I first met her. She cowered away when I tried to pet her, but then she stood up on her hind legs and wrapped her "arms" around her foster dad's leg... exactly like a toddler who doesn't want her mommy or daddy to leave! The foster dad laughed, kissed Bermuda on the head, and said that she always does that when she thinks he's leaving!
Bermuda needed a little while to warm up to me. She is clearly not sure about new people. I just sat down on the floor and gave her space, and extended my hand out to her to sniff every once in a while. Soon she was letting me pet her, and then she sat on my lap! By the end of the afternoon, Bermuda was curled up on my lap sleeping, and even occasionally looking up to lick my face!
She still sort of snarled at new people who tried to pet her though... but you just have to be willing to spend twenty minutes or so letting her get to know and trust you!
The thing is, Bermuda has been to the adoption show at Petsmart twice now, and nobody has expressed interest in her. Maybe her shyness puts people off. All I know is, she's an adorable little doggy, housetrained, good with other dogs, good at walking on a leash, etc, who would be a great addition to someone's family!
Bermuda's foster father says he'd like her to find a home without small children... not because she'd hurt a child, but because she is so little and shy, rambunctious and unpredictable kids might be a little too much for her. She'd be perfect for an adult or older kid who wants a lap dog!
If you're interested in meeting Bermuda, check out the Almost Home website for information, or call them at (630) 582-3738.
I really hope Bermuda finds a home!


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