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Friday, May 21, 2010

McDonalds In Wheaton

When its a rainy day and you're in a pinch for someplace fun and cheap to take your kids to, sometimes McDonalds Playplace is the only thing that comes to mind. At least, thats how it is for me! I don't always like to take the kids to the same old neighborhood McDonalds, though. I try to make things a little more exciting by finding new Mcdonalds to check out. You can easily find a list of McDonalds restaurants with playplaces by entering your zipcode into the McDonalds Locator. Some playplaces are better than others, though. So I thought I'd start reviewing individual McDonalds playplaces around DuPage, to find the best ones!
Yesterday we visited the Wheaton McDonalds Playplace, at County Farm and Roosevelt. This used to be one of my favorite McDonalds to take Little Bear and Tigerlily, because it seemed really huge. They also used to have riding toys and stuff. This time, though, it seemed a lot smaller... maybe because a birthday party was going on and there were little kids everywhere!
There is a pretty big play structure for kids to climb around in.

It also has a little hiding place underneath, with a small basketball hoop, and a cool little musical instrument on the wall. Pufferfish, who gets overwhelmed in crowded situations, liked holing up in there!

The riding toys have disappeared, but there is still a little slide for smaller kids to enjoy.

Pufferfish also liked playing a quick game of basketball! She didn't really mind that she couldn't throw the ball hard enough to reach the basket.

One thing that sort of annoyed me was that there were some video games and other things there... for instance, this DDR-type game...

... but they were broken! They weren't even turned on! I seem to remember that these games were also broken a year or two ago when I last brought Little Bear and Tigerlily there. It just seems sort of ghetto to still have these items there, when kids are unable to play with them. (Besides, do they really need video games in a playplace, anyway? Isn't the idea for them to clammor around and get their energy out?)

Oh well. Not the coolest playplace ever, but still a decent one!
If you know of any super cool McDonalds playplaces (or any other cool places) you think I should write about, please let me know!


Christine said... [Reply to comment]

Everytime I've been there, the games are off. E likes how big the climbing structure is there. I also like taking them to the one in Glen Ellyn on Roosevelt. That one is good for younger kids. It just has a few soft things to climb on. I like it because I don't worry about M getting stuck in the climbing structure and me having to go up there and get her. That happened once at the one in Wheaton. Now that the weather is nice, I would like to find one with an outdoor playplace.

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