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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sweet Street Candy Store in Lombard

Place: Sweet Street
Location: 17 West St. Charles Road in Lombard. (Downtown area.)
Type of Place: Candy store
Secret: Ask for samples of the bulk candy behind the counter! Also, this summer they will start serving ice cream as well!
Appropriate ages: All ages, except for little ones who are too young for candy!
Cost: Depends on what you buy!

I've noticed this little candy shop a million times a million times, and I've always wanted to go in. I have a tradition with the kids where, every Monday we go somewhere and they can pick out a piece of candy (or in hot weather we get ice cream from the truck in the park.) It isn't linked to good behavior or anything else... its just something we can all look forward to to make Mondays a little sweeter! So this past Monday I decided to take them to Sweet Street.
Sweet Street has the look of an old-fashioned candy store. When you walk in, all you see is colorful candy displays everywhere! Little Bear, Rafael and Pufferfish looked like they were in Heaven!
The store carries modern candies such as Crunch bars and Kit-Kats and Push Pops, and novelty candies like suckers that double as toys, and they have Door County Fudge and lots of penny candy. But they also carry a ton of retro candy, such as candy cigarettes, candy buttons, Doscher French Chews, Fun Dips, wax lips, flying saucers, Razzles, Fizzies, Tootsie Rolls, etc. I liked looking at the retro candy, while the kids were excited by the novelty candies.

The little ones deliberated for what seemed like hours over which candies to pick, and eventually settled on Bubble Tape and novelty suckers. They went up to the counter and dumped all that candy in front of the lady to ring up. (The lady said she didn't want to be in the picture, so I blurred out her face!)

Anyone who has ever met Little Bear and Rafael (and even Pufferfish, to a lesser extent) knows that they are not the most well-behaved children in the world. They can be really noisy and hyper, even when I warn them ahead of time that they need to use indoor voices and be respectful. I thought the lady there would be kicking us out the door. But instead, she offered the kids samples of the penny candy behind the counter! Theys each got little cups of candy... Rafael picked candy corn, which is his favorite, and the girls chose some pink rock candy.
This little candy shop is a great find! I think this will be a regular stop for us, at least on Mondays when its too cold or rainy for the ice cream truck!


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