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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Playgroups For Parents And Kids

Hi everyone! First things first! If you live in the DuPage area, and you need a babysitter for random evenings and weekends, check out my website! When I'm not going to school or caring for Little Bear and Pufferfish, I do extra babysitting in the community to make extra money. The website has more information about me, as well as my background check, availability, and contact information!

Now, second things second. Way back when Little Bear was four years old and I was doing preschool at home with her, I wanted to find ways for her to make friends and do activities with kids her own age. I joined a playgroup through Now that Pufferfish is getting older, I've joined a couple playgroups with her as well! If you have children and are looking for a way to make friends for yourself and your kids, you can easily find a group on Meetup. Here are a few great ones to get you started:

West Suburban Playgroup: This one used to meet monthly at a local church, but the group is under new management now. Playgroups are being held in all sorts of cool places around the county! The organizer, Michelle, is hoping more people will start coming, since a lot of the people who used to come to the church one seem to have been lost in the transition!

Awesome Kids of Wheaton, Lombard And Beyond: This is the one that Pufferfish and I have been going to the most lately. We do things like picnics at the park, Cosley Zoo, the Arboretum, playdates at each others' houses, Mom's Night Out, and more.

I hope you'll come check one of these out! Maybe Pufferfish and I will see you around!


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