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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Village Green Park in Glen Ellyn

Place: Village Green Park
Location:  130 S. Lambert Road (south of Roosevelt Rd. and north of Butterfield Rd) in Glen Ellyn.
Type of Place: Park
Secret: There's a free splash park! Its small, but perfect for kids who can go back and forth, from the playground to the water, on hot summer days.
Appropriate ages: everyone
Cost: Free!

The latest playground I discovered was recommended to me by another blogger: Christine, who blogs at Kids Of DuPage. The playground there has the coolest jungle gym I have ever seen! Its shaped like a rocket ship (giving the park the nickname "Rocket Park") and has slides, stairs, bridges, and secret passages everywhere! Unfortunately, my camera died after fifteen minutes there, so I didn't get a ton of pictures. But this one pic may give you the general idea of how large and complicated the jungle gym is!

The next coolest thing is that there is also a small splash park! Its not huge like the other Glen Ellyn splash park where you have to pay $3.00 to get in, but it is still nice. Little kids simply enjoy it being water that they can run in and out of!
Here's Little Bear in last year's bathing suit, since her other two bathing suits were in the wash!

And same with Pufferfish! (We play in the water a lot...)

And now for the most important part... This place has nice, clean, indoor bathrooms! This is not only nice if you have kids like Pufferfish who constantly have to go potty, but it provides a place to change your kids' clothes if you want to put dry clothes on them before you head home.
We've already gone to Village Green Park several times this summer. I bring a lunch, and we can easily . spend five or six hours there! Its the perfect place to spend a lazy summer day


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