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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Kids Klub at York Center!

If you're going to spend your summer with children in your care, right about now you're frantically trying to come up with an armory of ways to keep your kids busy, without spending a ton of money.
Here's something I am planning into our weekly routine, and I think you should, too!
Every Thursday throughout the summer, you can bring your kids to York Community Center, 1609 S. Luther Ave in Lombard. Come at around noon, and gather on the blacktop behind the building. There will be a different performer or activity going on each week!
Today the entertainer was Irish Billy, a sweet old Irish dude who entertained the kids with magic tricks, goofy puppets, juggling, and more.

Little Bear and Pufferfish wait patiently for the show to begin.

Irish Billy's giant card tricks!


We thought this raccoon was real, at first!

Pufferfish said this bird puppet was her favorite part of the show!

Kids jump for the chance to be picked as "volunteers" in the show!

My favorite part was when Irish Billy said only the best player of the freeze dance game (there were eight kids picked to volunteer) could keep an inflatable guitar. He said how much he hated to disappoint children, but that there were just too many kids. He made it very realistic and kept telling the kids, "I'm sorry, I can only give away one of these today." Then at the end, when he had to pick the winner, he said, "All of you!" And all eight little volunteers got to keep their guitars!

Irish Billy does some juggling!

Pufferfish's attention span isn't as long as the big kids!

At the end of the show they played some Hannah Montana music, which Little Bear danced to until she saw me trying to take her picture!

It was a nice little show, and all for free! Little Bear and Pufferfish both said they loved watching Irish Billy's show!
We brought water bottles and snacks with us, but a lot of people chose to come early and bring entire picnic lunches. Next week we'll probably do that. You can also buy concessions, like soda, candy, cotton candy and snow cones, inside the building!

Here's the schedule for the next several Thursdays!
June 24 - Wacky Game Show Challenge

July 1 - York Center Fire Department

July 8 - Dave Rudolph

July 15 - TBA

July 22 - Balloon Show

July 29- Jim Nesci’s Cold Blooded Creatures

Aug. 5 - Jason Kollum: Juggle Show

Aug. 12 - Yo-Yo Show

At Lake Yelenich Park, where the Community Center is located, also has a playground and a beautiful lake. Little Bear and Pufferfish loved looking for ducks, fish, and alligators. (I tried to tell them that alligators can only live in places where it is hot out all the time, but Little Bear theorized that an alligator could have been in a box being shipped somewhere, fallen out of a truck, and wandered to the nearest pond.)

You can easily make a whole day of this event... for nothing! Maybe we'll see you there next week!


Christine said... [Reply to comment]

I might take the kids on July 1st when the fire department will be there. Maybe I will switch my fire week to be that week.

Nicki said... [Reply to comment]

We're doing a fire week too! We're gonna go to the fire museum in Aurora also, and MAYBE Firezone in Schaumburg! I wasn't going to do it that week, but maybe I'll switch it too...

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