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Friday, June 4, 2010

McDonalds On York Rd In Elmhurst

When its a rainy day and you're in a pinch for someplace fun and cheap to take your kids to, sometimes McDonalds Playplace is the only  thing that comes to mind. At least, thats how it is for me! I don't always like to take the kids to the same old neighborhood McDonalds, though. I try to make things a little more exciting by finding new Mcdonalds to check out. You can easily find a list of McDonalds restaurants with playplaces by entering your zipcode into the McDonalds Locator.

The other day Pufferfish and I checked out a McDonalds we'd never been to before. It was at 920 N. York Rd in Elmhurst. I think the Playplace there was actually one of the cleanest McDonalds Playplaces I've ever seen! Maybe it is because York Rd is a little off the beaten path and this McDonalds is not as well known as some others. I'm not sure, but its definitely a nice one!
The play structure itself was very cool. It was tall, with lots of levels to climb around on, and a secret slide inside! At the very top, kids could climb into either a rocket ship or a helicopter, with working parts! We also liked the brightly colored seats.

Another impressive thing was the bathroom inside the playplace. Not only was it very clean, but there was a tiny toilet and sink alongside the regular sized toilet and sink. Pufferfish loved this because she could get on the toilet, and wash her hands, with no help from me. She still talks about this bathroom, saying, "Remember the time when there was a big potty and a little potty?" (Yes, I did take a picture of the bathroom this time!)

We liked taking pictures of each other with Ronald McDonald!

We ate inside the Playplace, but I saw that there was a really nice outdoor garden seating area. This would be perfect for parents who want to combine a nice meal outdoors with some time afterwards in the Playplace for kids. Plus, when you sit somewhere else, its a lot easier to tell kids that they can't go play until they finish all their food!

This is definitely a McDonalds we'll go back to again! Its nice to know that a clean, fun, and not overcrowded McDonalds Playplace is near by,


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